Debra Hellbach

PRESERVESafe Founder

Debra is passionate about food self-reliance. She is thrilled that people are becoming more aware of the food supply. Debra has spent much of her 35 year career helping food processors build their businesses and loves helping people and communities build their own capacity to make good food.

In 2016 she founded PRESERVESafe recognizing an ongoing need for safe food preservation training after the BC Produce Preservation Program ended. Through PRESERVESafe she is building an "army" of community food preservation trainers.

Debra is a Food Scientist with a Masters degree in Communications. She has extensive food production, training and facilitation experience. In 2018 she received the Outstanding Regional Partnership Award from Diabetes Canada for her work with Indigenous communities and 2017 she was awarded the BC Food Processors Association Food Industry Leadership Award.

Also an avid food gardener, Debra lives in Victoria with her teen-aged son and their dog Mate.
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Debra Hellbach

Do any of these apply to you?

If so, we can help :)

  • I'd like to preserve my own food but I am scared about making mistakes, wasting money or poisoning my family.

  • I would love to teach people in my community how to preserve food - even better if I could earn a bit of money doing it!

  • I would like to help with community food preservation activities but I want to be sure that I am using safe methods.

  • I'd love to meet like-minded people and share gardening and preservation tips and stories.

PRESERVESafe Courses

Below are our current offerings as well as some upcoming courses. Suggestions for new courses are always welcome!