• I prefer hands-on training – When are PRESERVESafe in-kitchen workshops?

    PRESERVESafe offers in-kitchen workshops in partnership with other organisations.

    Talk to your community food security representative about planning a PRESERVESafe workshop.

    Another option, if you are interested in a workshop about how to preserve at home, is to contact a PRESERVESafe Community Trainer in your area. Trainers are listed under Our Communities.

    In the meantime, you can take a PRESERVESafe online course anytime!

    Maximize your time in the kitchen (and save by avoiding costly mistakes) with PRESERVESafe online courses!

  • How long do PRESERVESafe on-line courses take?

    Most PRESERVESafe courses take under an hour to complete. Plus it could take several hours to go through all the additional resources. We provide additional resources for you to reference as needed.

    If you are taking the Train-the-Trainer course, allow for 4 hours to complete the 3 methods and the exam.

  • Why should I pay for PRESERVESafe courses? There are lots of free preserving resources on line.

    Great question! I thought the same thing and procrastinated for a long time before creating PRESERVESafe online. However, after teaching many workshops, talking to other trainers and reviewing what was available online, I have changed my mind. PRESERVESafe offers safe food preservation training, tips and resources in one location that is conveniently available 24/7 for a fraction of the cost of hands-on workshops. Unlike many other courses available online, PRESERVESafe curriculum and support are based on science, are proven (Over 1500 people have taken, and loved, our courses) and are widely recognized in British Columbia, Canada, and beyond.

  • What is the difference between Home Preserver and Train-the-Trainer courses?

    Another great question! Home Preserver courses are great for people wanting to learn or refresh their memory about how to preserve at home. Preserving, money saving tips and additional resources are included in all courses.

    Train-the-Trainer courses include additional tips and resources for helping community trainers run their own workshops and one year of support. Also included in the Train-the-Trainer is a final exam – students must achieve a minimum score in order to pass and receive their PRESERVESafe Community Trainer certificate.