Master Trainers

  • Debra Hellbach

    Chief Bottle Washer and Master Trainer

    Debra Hellbach

    Passionate about good food and self-reliance, I grew up growing and preserving food with my family. I got a degree in Food Science because I wanted a good career and figured everyone had to eat. It was a good strategy. I love passing my knowledge on to others and having fun while doing it! In 2011 I got involved with the Produce Preservation Program (PPP) and took it over in 2016. I added more courses and rebranded it as PRESERVESafe. I am a single mom of a wonderful boy and I garden and preserve so that my pantry is always full of good food.
  • Gale Smith

    Master Trainer

    Gale Smith

    Gale Smith is a retired Home Economics teacher and sessional lecturer in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy at the University of British Columbia. Her research interests include global issues, action research, home economics and everyday life. She also contributes extremely interesting articles to the British Columbia Food History Network. In 2010 Gale helped develop the Produce Preservation Program curriculum and instructed the pilot workshops. Her amazing facilitation skills shine through in her fun and highly productive workshops. Gale is a terrific gardener and prolific preserver. She recently moved to Vancouver Island with her husband.
  • Arlene Meekis-Jung

    Master Trainer and Community Food Skills Trainer

    Arlene Meekis-Jung

    Arlene received her PRESERVESafe training certification in 2013. She came all the way from Wawakapewin, a remote community in Northern Ontario to participate in a PRESERVESafe Train-the-Trainer workshop in Victoria! In 2017 Arlene re-certified and became a PRESERVESafe Master Trainer. She offers Train-the Trainer and many other food preservation workshops in Northern Ontario, Canada.

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